Niamh and Matt’s Irish Wedding in London

A month ago today, Niamh & Matt got married in a beautiful Irish wedding in London.

The venue, St Joseph’s Church in Highgate, had special meaning for the couple as Matt’s parents got married there nearly 40 years ago. And the family connection didn’t end there – the Priest, a close friend of Niamh’s mother, flew over from Ireland to perform the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the rain stopped for photos in Waterlow Park before celebrations continued with Cuban music at the Prince Albert in Camden until the early hours.

A wonderfully warm wedding for a wonderful couple.

Niamh and Matt's Wedding-18 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-1 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-6Niamh and Matt's Wedding-3 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-10Niamh and Matt's Wedding-9 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-21 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-35Niamh and Matt's Wedding-29 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-30 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-41Niamh and Matt's Wedding-38 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-52Niamh and Matt's Wedding-42 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-53Niamh and Matt's Wedding-62 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-88Niamh and Matt's Wedding-99 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-105Niamh and Matt's Wedding-65 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-316Niamh and Matt's Wedding-80 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-98 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-113Niamh and Matt's Wedding-127 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-141Niamh and Matt's Wedding-132 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-139Niamh and Matt's Wedding-144 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-153Niamh and Matt's Wedding-209 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-206Niamh and Matt's Wedding-214 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-236 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-269Niamh and Matt's Wedding-215 Niamh and Matt's Wedding-317

You can see more of the merriment from the day in this slideshow:

You can see more wedding photography here.

Photos © 2013 Hannah Larkin

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