Charlotte at 6 months

I had a great time with Charlotte and her parents – they are such fun to photograph! Charlotte’s a natural in front of the camera and loves fooling around with her dad and cuddling up with her mum. She also makes a great ornament on their mantelpiece!

Charlotte 6 months-2 Charlotte 6 months-14 Charlotte 6 months-17 Charlotte 6 months-65 Charlotte 6 months-37 Charlotte 6 months-45 Charlotte 6 months-55 Charlotte 6 months-59  Charlotte 6 months-70 Charlotte 6 months-3 Charlotte 6 months-79 Charlotte 6 months-4 Charlotte 6 months-91 Charlotte 6 months-95Charlotte 6 months-111 Charlotte 6 months-116 Charlotte 6 months-106 Charlotte 6 months-104 Charlotte 6 months-125

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Photos © 2013 Hannah Larkin