Chelsea Flower Show 2014

I love the Chelsea Flower Show and try to visit every year. This year although the gardens were as stunning as always (especially my favourite – Togenkyo A Paradise on Earth designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara), I was totally captivated by the flowers. There were some incredible colours, but also amazing textures that look great in black and white; flowers that looked strong and sculpted, but also delicate and graceful blooms.

Chelsea Flower Show May14-90 Chelsea Flower Show May14-107Chelsea Flower Show May14-92 Chelsea Flower Show May14-45Chelsea Flower Show May14-34 Chelsea Flower Show May14-104 Chelsea Flower Show May14-14Chelsea Flower Show May14-64 Chelsea Flower Show May14-4 Chelsea Flower Show May14-103 Chelsea Flower Show May14-87 Chelsea Flower Show May14-81 Chelsea Flower Show May14-105 Chelsea Flower Show May14-75Chelsea Flower Show May14-43 Chelsea Flower Show May14-76Chelsea Flower Show May14-79 Chelsea Flower Show May14-2Chelsea Flower Show May14-22 Chelsea Flower Show May14-65

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin

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