Jenny and Paul’s beautiful blue wedding

enny and Paul got married in a beautiful intimate ceremony in Manchester. Jenny looked stunning in a long blue dress and had some adorable children celebrating with her. With beautiful stationery, relaxed blue flowers and forget-me-nots decorating the tables and even a tiered ‘cake’ of cheeses – it was a perfect day. Congratulations!

Jenny & Paul-10 Jenny & Paul-63Jenny & Paul-49 Jenny & Paul-55 Jenny & Paul-61Jenny & Paul-70 Jenny & Paul-71Jenny & Paul-75 Jenny & Paul-86Jenny & Paul-88 Jenny & Paul-92 Jenny & Paul-94 Jenny & Paul-126 Jenny & Paul-113 Jenny & Paul-134 Jenny & Paul-135Jenny & Paul-28 Jenny & Paul-136 Jenny & Paul-160Jenny & Paul-90 Jenny & Paul-144Jenny & Paul-11 Jenny & Paul-4 Jenny & Paul-12Jenny & Paul-148 Jenny & Paul-147 Jenny & Paul-157Jenny & Paul-175 Jenny & Paul-215 Jenny & Paul-195 Jenny & Paul-207 Jenny & Paul-210 Jenny & Paul-216 Jenny & Paul-182 Jenny & Paul-229 Jenny & Paul-232 Jenny & Paul-274Jenny & Paul-257 Jenny & Paul-259Jenny & Paul-258 Jenny & Paul-253

You can see more of my wedding photography here.

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin

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