Carli and Luke’s engagement in Waterlow Park

Carli and Luke are a lovely couple who were a bit camera-shy and wanted to get over this before their wedding. We spent an afternoon together in Waterlow Park in Highgate and they relaxed, laughed and ended up like naturals in front of the camera!

Carli and Luke Prewed-1 Carli and Luke Prewed-3 Carli and Luke Prewed-4 Carli and Luke Prewed-5 Carli and Luke Prewed-8Carli and Luke Prewed-10 Carli and Luke Prewed-16Carli and Luke Prewed-14 Carli and Luke Prewed-17Carli and Luke Prewed-12 Carli and Luke Prewed-9 Carli and Luke Prewed-18Carli and Luke Prewed-15 Carli and Luke Prewed-11 Carli and Luke Prewed-21

I always include a free engagement photo shoot with my wedding packages, as it lets us get to know each other and you end up feeling and looking much more relaxed in your wedding photos. Plus you end up with photos you can use for save the dates, wedding invitations or just sharing with family and friends – and it’s fun!

You can see more of my portrait photography here.

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin

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