Carmen and John’s Wedding – in the pink!

Carmen and John got married in the elegant Main Hall at Chelsea Old Town Hall, took a riverboat down the Thames and had their reception in the urban chic warehouse of Tanner & Co. Add in a stunning pink Vera Wang wedding dress, some amazing stationery and ending the night with Bandeoke (that’s karaoke but with your own backing band), and you’d struggle to find a wedding or a couple as cool as this!

Carmen & John-16 Carmen & John-17 Carmen & John-18Carmen & John-36 Carmen & John-37Carmen & John-22 Carmen & John-35 Carmen & John-9 Carmen & John-38 Carmen & John-11Carmen & John-49 Carmen & John-42Carmen & John-44 Carmen & John-48 Carmen & John-90Carmen & John-56 Carmen & John-58 Carmen & John-67 Carmen & John-65 Carmen & John-62 Carmen & John-75 Carmen & John-69 Carmen & John-71Carmen & John-88 Carmen & John-91Carmen & John-82 Carmen & John-94 Carmen & John-110 Carmen & John-96 Carmen & John-99 Carmen & John-98Carmen & John-101 Carmen & John-107 Carmen & John-112 Carmen & John-115 Carmen & John-113

You can see more wedding photography here.

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin

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