Lois and Stuart’s Scottish Wedding

I was lucky to get to work with the lovely Rachel Rose to photograph this stunning Scottish wedding. Lois and Stuart make such a great couple, their day was full of smiles and laughter. Their ceremony at the Assembly of God Church in Fraserburgh included a film telling the story of how they started dating which had everyone giggling! They then spent some time with us to capture some portraits and Stuart literally swept Lois off her feet! The day ended with a fabulous ceilidh filled with tartan kilts and enthusiastic dancing from all ages! Congratulations!

Lois & Stuart-7 Lois & Stuart-1 Lois & Stuart-3Lois & Stuart-4 Lois & Stuart-2 Lois & Stuart-5 Lois & Stuart-6 Lois & Stuart-8 Lois & Stuart-9 Lois & Stuart-11 Lois & Stuart-12 Lois & Stuart-13 Lois & Stuart-14 Lois & Stuart-15 Lois & Stuart-16 Lois & Stuart-28 Lois & Stuart-17 Lois & Stuart-18Lois & Stuart-19 Lois & Stuart-22 Lois & Stuart-25 Lois & Stuart-23 Lois & Stuart-24Lois & Stuart-26 Lois & Stuart-27Lois & Stuart-29 Lois & Stuart-30 Lois & Stuart-31 Lois & Stuart-32 Lois & Stuart-33 Lois & Stuart-35 Lois & Stuart-36Lois & Stuart-38 Lois & Stuart-39 Lois & Stuart-40Lois & Stuart-37 Lois & Stuart-34 Lois & Stuart-42Lois & Stuart-44 Lois & Stuart-47 Lois & Stuart-45 Lois & Stuart-46 Lois & Stuart-48 Lois & Stuart-49 Lois & Stuart-50 Lois & Stuart-53 You can see more wedding photography here.


Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin