Jen & Will’s beautiful barn wedding

Jen & Will got married at The Priory in Little Wymondley near Hitchin. It’s a beautiful barn with lovely grounds and they had wonderful sunshine to enjoy their garden games and wedding bouncy castle! Jen had so many special touches for her day and looked radiant, given away by her gorgeous daughter Bea. Jen is a fabulous singer and performed at the reception – what a rock ‘n’ roll bride!

Jen & Will wedding-7 Jen & Will wedding-1 Jen & Will wedding-2 Jen & Will wedding-3Jen & Will wedding-5 Jen & Will wedding-10 Jen & Will wedding-9 Jen & Will wedding-11Jen & Will wedding-16 Jen & Will wedding-18Jen & Will wedding-15 Jen & Will wedding-20 Jen & Will wedding-32 Jen & Will wedding-21 Jen & Will wedding-23Jen & Will wedding-26 Jen & Will wedding-29 Jen & Will wedding-30 Jen & Will wedding-31 Jen & Will wedding-37 Jen & Will wedding-38Jen & Will wedding-44 Jen & Will wedding-46Jen & Will wedding-49 Jen & Will wedding-51Jen & Will wedding-53 Jen & Will wedding-56 Jen & Will wedding-60Jen & Will wedding-61 Jen & Will wedding-62Jen & Will wedding-68 Jen & Will wedding-72 Jen & Will wedding-73 Jen & Will wedding-98Jen & Will wedding-100 Jen & Will wedding-103Jen & Will wedding-76 Jen & Will wedding-101 Jen & Will wedding-102Jen & Will wedding-54 Jen & Will wedding-58Jen & Will wedding-104 Jen & Will wedding-110 Jen & Will wedding-59Jen & Will wedding-105 Jen & Will wedding-83Jen & Will wedding-85 Jen & Will wedding-109 Jen & Will wedding-108Jen & Will wedding-111 Jen & Will wedding-112

You can see more of the fun and games from the day, including some incredible acrobatics on the bouncy castle in the slideshow:

You can see more wedding photography here.

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin

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