Baby Henry 8 days old

I was very honoured to be one of the first people to welcome little Henry to the world! At only 8 days old he was very content in daddy’s arms, and happy to snuggle up with his little rabbit friend. Henry’s New Zealand family wanted photos and have big plans for him – a little All Black in the making!

Henry 8days-17 Henry 8days-46 Henry 8days-32Henry 8days-9 Henry 8days-1Henry 8days-10 Henry 8days-6Henry 8days-15 Henry 8days-31 Henry 8days-3 Henry 8days-18 Henry 8days-14 Henry 8days-22Henry 8days-23 Henry 8days-24 Henry 8days-25 Henry 8days-26Henry 8days-33 Henry 8days-37 Henry 8days-34 Henry 8days-35Henry 8days-2 Henry 8days-40Henry 8days-48 Henry 8days-43 Henry 8days-39Henry 8days-45 Henry 8days-44

You can see more of my family photographs here.

Photos © 2015 Hannah Larkin

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