Kim and Brent’s California Dreaming Wedding

I was so honoured to be part of Kim and Brent’s beautiful wedding. Held in California, their ceremony took place outdoors in a stunning location in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean – where Kim spends her weekends watching whales. They make a beautiful couple – Kim looked stunning in her lace gown with belt detail, while Brent was dapper in his deep-blue suit.  Surrounded by family and friends, it was an intimate and personal wedding for this very special couple – congratulations Mr & Mrs Young!

Kim & Brent-36 Kim & Brent-37 Kim & Brent Wedding-7Kim & Brent Wedding-3 Kim & Brent-38Kim & Brent Wedding-5 Kim & Brent Wedding-6 Kim & Brent Wedding-12Kim & Brent Wedding-11 Kim & Brent-40Kim & Brent Wedding-14 Kim & Brent-42  Kim & Brent Wedding-13Kim & Brent Wedding-15 Kim & Brent-43Kim & Brent-44 Kim & Brent Wedding-16 Kim & Brent Wedding-17 Kim & Brent Wedding-18 Kim & Brent Wedding-19 Kim & Brent Wedding-20 Kim & Brent-45 Kim & Brent Wedding-22Kim & Brent Wedding-21 Kim & Brent Wedding-31Kim & Brent Wedding-29 Kim & Brent Wedding-27Kim & Brent-46 Kim & Brent-47 Kim & Brent Wedding-24 Kim & Brent Wedding-25 Kim & Brent Wedding-28 Kim & Brent Wedding-26 Kim & Brent Wedding-23  Kim & Brent Wedding-33Kim & Brent-49 Kim & Brent-50 Kim & Brent-51Kim & Brent-48 Kim & Brent Wedding-35

And here’s a slideshow of even more of their California Dreaming wedding:

You can see more wedding photography here.

Photos © 2014 Hannah Larkin