A family trip to Epping Forest

Joshua loves to visit his grandparents and will ask his grandfather ‘Gònggōng to come to the park with him and his mummy, to feed the ducks and then buy him an ice cream! I went along with them to capture the fun in the sunshine.

Joshua June15-2 Joshua June15-4 Joshua June15-10Joshua June15-16 Joshua June15-6 Joshua June15-11Joshua June15-20 Joshua June15-32 Joshua June15-38Joshua June15-36 Joshua June15-40 Joshua June15-47Joshua June15-48 Joshua June15-49 Joshua June15-51Joshua June15-52 Joshua June15-45 Joshua June15-57Joshua June15-21 Joshua June15-56 Joshua June15-22Joshua June15-25 Joshua June15-26

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