Explore London – Horniman Museum & Gardens

A few months ago my sister sent me an article about incredible places you never knew were in London. The Horniman Museum & Gardens was top of the list and as soon as I read about it, I couldn’t wait to visit. It’s only in zone 3, not far from Forest Hill Overground station but feels a world away from central London. Although there are many different exhibits, it was the building itself and the beautiful gardens which I loved. The conservatory there particularly is spectacular – and is available for weddings… If anyone’s getting married there, do let me know as I’d love the chance to photograph a wedding in this special location!

Horniman Museum-1 Horniman Museum-5 Horniman Museum-3Horniman Museum-4 Horniman Museum-2  Horniman Museum-12Horniman Museum-9 Horniman Museum-11Horniman Museum-7 Horniman Museum-8Horniman Museum-13 Horniman Museum-15 Horniman Museum-16Horniman Museum-18 Horniman Museum-19 Horniman Museum-20 Horniman Museum-21Horniman Museum-23 Horniman Museum-30 Horniman Museum-29Horniman Museum-28 Horniman Museum-24

You can see more of my photos here.

Photos © 2015 Hannah Larkin www.hannahlarkinphotography.com

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