Book Review: The Revolving Door of Life by Alexander McCall Smith

I love to travel, but sometimes I like to do it from the comfort of my armchair – snuggled up with a good book. So I’ve decided to share some of these ‘virtual’ travels here too.

If you haven’t already tried one of Alexander McCall Smith’s episodic novels then you’re missing out! The Corduroy Mansions series is set in Pimlico in London and the 44 Scotland Street series is set in Edinburgh.

The Revolving Door of Life is the tenth book in the Scotland Street series, first published in The Scotsman newspaper. As it’s written for daily publication, each short chapter has a story of its own, as part of an overall narrative which weaves together stories of several of the residents (or former residents) of Scotland Street. I love Alexander McCall Smith’s ability to write in such a relaxed and relaxing way – the book gently lulls you and you find it’s finished before you expected! Set firmly in the Scottish capital, the book covers the importance of kilts for small boys, findings of important works of art and slightly suspect claims to heraldry.

If you want to try the series from the beginning you can start with 44 Scotland Street – and will have 10 books worth of stories to enjoy! The latest book is only out in hardback – but I enjoy them so much I can rarely hold out long enough for the paperback edition!

Revolving Door of Life-1 Edinburgh Feb11-10 Edinburgh Feb11-1Edinburgh Feb11-6 Revolving Door of Life-3 

I’d love to hear other views of the series – please feel free to leave comments below.

Photos © 2011 Hannah Larkin

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