Newborn Photography: Dylan 11 days old

Dylan is the newest member of a lovely family. He seemed so happy looking round from the safety of his daddy’s arms, but eventually fell asleep all snuggled up. Jonah was still getting used to being a big brother, but I know he’s going to be great. With Dylan’s beautiful hair and big dark eyes you can see he’s going to grow up to be handsome just like his brother.

Dylan 11 days old-6 Dylan 11 days old-36 Dylan 11 days old-20Dylan 11 days old-17 Dylan 11 days old-19Dylan 11 days old-8 Dylan 11 days old-61Dylan 11 days old-43 Dylan 11 days old-44 Dylan 11 days old-47Dylan 11 days old-52 Dylan 11 days old-54Dylan 11 days old-40 Dylan 11 days old-21 Dylan 11 days old-62Dylan 11 days old-72 Dylan 11 days old-67 Dylan 11 days old-92 Dylan 11 days old-99 Dylan 11 days old-88 Dylan 11 days old-111 Dylan 11 days old-130

You can see more of my family photographs here.

Photos © 2015 Hannah Larkin

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