London night-time engagement photos – Wayne & Natalie

A few months ago I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Jimmy Cheng on something a little different to my usual style. Natalie and Wayne had flown in from Hong Kong and San Francisco for a stylised night-time engagement shoot in some of the capital’s landmark locations. Their inspiration was the glamour of 1940s Hollywood and they certainly looked the part. Wayne was dapper in his black shirt and suit whilst Natalie was stunning in a black silk dress made specially for her. Although not as natural and relaxed as my usual style, I had such fun that I’d love to do more of these stylised photo-shoots – if you’re interested please get in touch.

Wayne & Natalie July15-1 Wayne & Natalie July15-2 Wayne & Natalie July15-7 Wayne & Natalie July15-9 Wayne & Natalie July15-4 Wayne & Natalie July15-3 Wayne & Natalie July15-5 Wayne & Natalie July15-8Wayne & Natalie July15-6 Wayne & Natalie July15-12 Wayne & Natalie July15-11 Wayne & Natalie July15-15 Wayne & Natalie July15-16Wayne & Natalie July15-14 Wayne & Natalie July15-21 Wayne & Natalie July15-20 Wayne & Natalie July15-18 Wayne & Natalie July15-19Wayne & Natalie July15-22 Wayne & Natalie July15-17 Wayne & Natalie July15-26 Wayne & Natalie July15-23 Wayne & Natalie July15-24 Wayne & Natalie July15-25 Wayne & Natalie July15-27 Wayne & Natalie July15-28 Wayne & Natalie July15-29 Wayne & Natalie July15-30 Wayne & Natalie July15-31

You can see more of my photography here

Photos © 2015 Hannah Larkin

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