Sat & Amy’s Wedding in Tuscany

Sat & Amy have been friends since they met at Manchester University back in 2004 and their romance began with Sat telling Amy: “what happened to you over the summer? You’ve really improved!” at the start of their second year! Amy had always wanted to get married in Italy – they’d spent several holidays in Tuscany and fell in love with the beautiful area around Fiesole near Florence. On a hot, perfect, August day they got married at Antico Spedale del Bigallo, a simple town hall, beautifully decorated with peach and cream flowers and full of family and friends. Amy looked stunning in an elegant Suzanne Neville wedding dress and long veil. After their ceremony, they travelled in style in a classic Alvis convertible to Villa di Maiano. There, they served an Italian banquet outdoors on the terrace with a breath-taking view of Florence as the sun set. After speeches under the stars, guests watched as a chef made a traditional Italian wedding cake – a millefoglie (cake of a thousand layers) – for the happy couple to cut, before dancing until dawn.

Amy & Sat wedding-1 Amy & Sat wedding-2 Amy & Sat wedding-4Amy & Sat wedding-3 Amy & Sat wedding-10 Amy & Sat wedding-8 Amy & Sat wedding-9 Amy & Sat wedding-6 Amy & Sat wedding-12 Amy & Sat wedding-13 Amy & Sat wedding-15 Amy & Sat wedding-14  Amy & Sat wedding-16 Amy & Sat wedding-17 Amy & Sat wedding-21 Amy & Sat wedding-20 Amy & Sat wedding-19 Amy & Sat wedding-18 Amy & Sat wedding-22 Amy & Sat wedding-25 Amy & Sat wedding-27 Amy & Sat wedding-23 Amy & Sat wedding-24 Amy & Sat wedding-30 Amy & Sat wedding-28 Amy & Sat wedding-29 Amy & Sat wedding-31 Amy & Sat wedding-32 Amy & Sat wedding-34 Amy & Sat wedding-37 Amy & Sat wedding-36 Amy & Sat wedding-35 Amy & Sat wedding-40 Amy & Sat wedding-44 Amy & Sat wedding-45 Amy & Sat wedding-42 Amy & Sat wedding-50 Amy & Sat wedding-46 Amy & Sat wedding-47 Amy & Sat wedding-48 Amy & Sat wedding-49  Amy & Sat wedding-51 Amy & Sat wedding-52 Amy & Sat wedding-53  Amy & Sat wedding-55  Amy & Sat wedding-57

You can see more wedding photography here.

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