Welcoming baby Harry to the family

Sometimes it’s lovely to photograph a family having a relaxing, peaceful, lazy day together. Little Harry was just 1 month old when I spent the afternoon with his proud parents Katrina and Kieron, brother Ben and sister Izzy. He seemed totally happy in his mum’s arms, and content to be kissed and squeezed by his older siblings! When Harry settled for a nap, dad introduced Ben to Star Wars and Izzy did some colouring with mum before they all piled onto the sofa for sleepy cuddles.

Katrina's family June15-10 Katrina family x-3 Katrina family x-2Katrina's family June15-20 Katrina's family June15-28 Katrina's family June15-25Katrina's family June15-32 Katrina's family June15-37Katrina's family June15-33 Katrina's family June15-75Katrina's family June15-69 Katrina's family June15-74Katrina's family June15-2 Katrina's family June15-15 Katrina's family June15-5Katrina's family June15-12 Katrina's family June15-82Katrina's family June15-83 Katrina's family June15-78Katrina's family June15-54 Katrina's family June15-56Katrina's family June15-50 Katrina's family June15-46

You can see more of my family photographs here.

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