Natural Portraits for Natural Wellbeing

My beautiful sister Kate recently set up a wonderful business called Natural Wellbeing, using a holistic approach to help people lead happier, more accepting lives. I was very excited when she asked me to do a portrait session for her, to include many of the natural elements that are so important to her work. From a patch of buttercups mirroring her sunny outlook, to leaves, bark and dandelion clocks it was great fun to find the natural images she wanted.

Kate Natural Wellbeing-5 Kate Natural Wellbeing-17Kate Natural Wellbeing-51 Kate Natural Wellbeing-28Kate Natural Wellbeing-88 Kate Natural Wellbeing-95Kate Natural Wellbeing-101 Kate Natural Wellbeing-109Kate Natural Wellbeing-103 Kate Natural Wellbeing-104Kate Natural Wellbeing-41 Kate Natural Wellbeing-72Kate Natural Wellbeing-63 Kate Natural Wellbeing-58 Kate Natural Wellbeing-53Kate Natural Wellbeing-60 Kate Natural Wellbeing-62Kate Natural Wellbeing-111 Kate Natural Wellbeing-116 Kate Natural Wellbeing-83Kate Natural Wellbeing-15 Kate Natural Wellbeing-80Kate Natural Wellbeing-79 Kate Natural Wellbeing-32Kate Natural Wellbeing-23 Kate Natural Wellbeing-8

Please visit my website to see more of my photography, or click here to find out more about Natural Wellbeing including one day wellness retreats in Northumberland.


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