Sherina and Andy’s Wasing Park Wedding

I was very happy to work with Rachel Rose to capture Sherina & Andy’s stunning wedding at Wasing Park in Berkshire. They had a intimate church ceremony at St Nicholas Church and then a party into the early hours! Sherina looked beautiful with an amazing bouquet, a pair of the most gorgeous wedding shoes I’ve seen and a sparkling tiara. Their reception included a delicate 3-tier cake, lots of dancing as well as caricatures and guests enjoyed the Wasing Park grounds late into the night.

Sherina & Andy-2 Sherina & Andy-16 Sherina & Andy-1 Sherina & Andy-13 Sherina & Andy-19 Sherina & Andy-5 Sherina & Andy-6Sherina & Andy-8 Sherina & Andy-9Sherina & Andy-18 Sherina & Andy-15Sherina & Andy-12 Sherina & Andy-3Sherina & Andy-23 Sherina & Andy-24Sherina & Andy-22 Sherina & Andy-25 Sherina & Andy-26 Sherina & Andy-28 Sherina & Andy-29Sherina & Andy-33 Sherina & Andy-39Sherina & Andy-31 Sherina & Andy-32 Sherina & Andy-36Sherina & Andy-37 Sherina & Andy-38Sherina & Andy-40 Sherina & Andy-55Sherina & Andy-54 Sherina & Andy-57 Sherina & Andy-56 Sherina & Andy-59 Sherina & Andy-53Sherina & Andy-60 Sherina & Andy-58 Sherina & Andy-61Sherina & Andy-70 Sherina & Andy-80 Sherina & Andy-48Sherina & Andy-44 Sherina & Andy-82Sherina & Andy-72 Sherina & Andy-74Sherina & Andy-86 Sherina & Andy-88Sherina & Andy-89 Sherina & Andy-90 Sherina & Andy-91

Click to see more of my London wedding photography.

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