A family adventure on the Polar Express

I love being an auntie, especially when it means I get to go on amazing adventures at Christmas! This year I was very excited to join my nephew Joshua and his parents on the Polar Express. Based on the book and film, there is an actual Polar Express train which runs on the Weardale Railway from Stanhope. Not only do you get to ride on the train (in your pyjamas!) and hear the story of the Polar Express, you’re served hot chocolate and cookies by dancing waiters, have your golden ticket hole-punched by the train conductor and see Santa with his huge sack of presents. Santa himself even joined the train to find out what everyone would like for Christmas and gave each child a magic silver sleigh bell. It was a magical day!

Polar Express Dec15-1 Polar Express Dec15-104Polar Express Dec15-4 Polar Express Dec15-5 Polar Express Dec15-6 Polar Express Dec15-12 Polar Express Dec15-15 Polar Express Dec15-16 Polar Express Dec15-39Polar Express Dec15-38 Polar Express Dec15-40Polar Express Dec15-52 Polar Express Dec15-45 Polar Express Dec15-62 Polar Express Dec15-82 Polar Express Dec15-66 Polar Express Dec15-77Polar Express Dec15-76 Polar Express Dec15-72 Polar Express Dec15-56 Polar Express Dec15-85 Polar Express Dec15-90 Polar Express Dec15-96Polar Express Dec15-84 Polar Express Dec15-103 Polar Express Dec15-106

Thank you Sarah, Dom, Joshua & Reindeer for letting me join you on the Polar Express! extra Polar Express Dec15-2

My relaxed family photography sessions can take place in your home or on an adventure like this! Please contact me to talk about a session for your family, I’d love to capture some special memories for you.

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