Festive Asian Bridal Styled Shoot

As a London wedding photographer and having had a multicultural wedding myself I’m always excited to find ways of bringing different cultural traditions together. I wanted to do a bridal shoot that would showcase how traditional Indian elements could be combined with a festive, wintry theme. I also wanted to show that you can have beautiful bridal portraits in winter without shivering in the cold! The beautiful flowers and red berries look gorgeous with both the traditional white wedding dress and a silver sari. Adding intricate henna designs to candles allows a festive feel with an Indian twist, and wrapping up in faux fur, chunky knits & cream accessories gives a stunning winter look.

Festive Asian Bride-2 Festive Asian Bride-5 Festive Asian Bride-12 Festive Asian Bride-14 Festive Asian Bride-16 Festive Asian Bride-17Festive Asian Bride-47 Festive Asian Bride-59Festive Asian Bride-58 Festive Asian Bride-63 Festive Asian Bride-79 Festive Asian Bride-71 Festive Asian Bride-74 Festive Asian Bride-77 Festive Asian Bride-80 Festive Asian Bride-82 Festive Asian Bride-83Festive Asian Bride-98 Festive Asian Bride-87Festive Asian Bride-96 Festive Asian Bride-97 Festive Asian Bride-89 Festive Asian Bride-100 Festive Asian Bride-106 Festive Asian Bride-107 Festive Asian Bride-111 Festive Asian Bride-116 Festive Asian Bride-118 Festive Asian Bride-119 Festive Asian Bride-124 Festive Asian Bride-27 Festive Asian Bride-137Festive Asian Bride-37 Festive Asian Bride-123Festive Asian Bride-131 Festive Asian Bride-138 Festive Asian Bride-140Festive Asian Bride-154 Festive Asian Bride-152 Festive Asian Bride-148Festive Asian Bride-151 Festive Asian Bride-150Festive Asian Bride-142 Festive Asian Bride-145

I loved working with Joanne Truby Floral Design who created the stunning flower crown and winter bouquet and Shreya Pandya who did the gorgeous make-up, hair & intricate henna designs. Binaisha Shah was our beautiful model.

Read more about the inspiration for this festive bridal styled shoot on the Secret Wedding Blog and visit my website to see more wedding photography.

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