Wedding Highlights from 2015

It’s always lovely to be able to look back on the past year and 2015 had some wonderful weddings! From al fresco dining in Tuscany to windswept beaches in Scotland, woodland walks to horse drawn carriages, flower-filled marquees to chandelier adorned churches, weddings at home to London palaces – there have been so many special moments it’s hard to choose my highlights…

colour wedding medium

Just some of the beautiful locations I was lucky to work in last year…

scenes medium

I love the way black and white really captures the emotions of  a wedding day…

b & w wedding b medium

A few of my favourite ‘finishing touches’…

finishing touches medium

Special details that make each wedding unique and personal…

details medium

From the bridal preparation to the walk down the aisle, the steal-the-show children to the party celebrations…

celebrating medium

2015 was a year full of beautiful colourful wedding flowers…

flowers medium

I’m so grateful to have been able to capture special wedding memories for all of my couples…

b & w wedding medium

2015 was a great year, but I’m excited about what 2016 holds! If you’re getting married this year, I have limited availability but would love to talk to you about photographing your wedding.







Explore London – Lumiere

This January, although the Christmas lights have come down, London has been lit by the Lumiere London installations. This free light festival covered 30 locations across London, grouped around Kings Cross, Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus. There were images and animations (including an elephant!) projected onto buildings, colour changing dresses and an installation made of recycled plastic bottles. However one of the most mesmerising displays was Les Luminéoles – illuminated coloured fish that floated across the sky in graceful patterns. The sites were packed over the four evenings, the incredible installations (and food stalls including the utterly English Tea & Crumpets van!) proving a wonderful way to brighten up January – I hope it can become an annual event.

Luminere Jan16-18 Luminere Jan16-46Luminere Jan16-4 Luminere Jan16-7 Luminere Jan16-15Luminere Jan16-33 Luminere Jan16-31Luminere Jan16-23 Luminere Jan16-26 Luminere Jan16-27Luminere Jan16-28 Luminere Jan16-2Luminere Jan16-36 Luminere Jan16-40Luminere Jan16-42 Luminere Jan16-41Luminere Jan16-17 Luminere Jan16-45Luminere Jan16-63 Luminere Jan16-70 Luminere Jan16-71 Luminere Jan16-59 Luminere Jan16-65 Luminere Jan16-67 Luminere Jan16-60 Luminere Jan16-72 Luminere Jan16-73Luminere Jan16-48 Luminere Jan16-82 Luminere Jan16-55 Luminere Jan16-83 Luminere Jan16-85Luminere Jan16-54 Luminere Jan16-53

You can see more of my photos here.

Photos © Hannah Larkin

Henry at 9 months – family photographs

I first photographed Henry when he was just 8 days old. He is now 9 months and although he still loves the knitted toy rabbit I photographed him with as a newborn he seems so grown up! He has a wonderful smile and giggles away as he plays with his mum and dad. He’s learning to walk and I always love to photograph babies at this stage: tiptoeing around holding their parents’ fingers.

My relaxed family photography sessions take place in your home and are great fun for everybody. With two hours there’s no rush, and plenty of time to capture walking, playing, eating and cuddles. Children (and parents) get used to me and my camera, allowing me to get warm, touching, relaxed photos of your family.

Henry 9 months-10 Henry 9 months-18Henry 9 months-19 Henry 9 months-66Henry 9 months-48 Henry 9 months-43Henry 9 months-45 Henry 9 months-42Henry 9 months-24 Henry 9 months-33 Henry 9 months-2 Henry 9 months-30 Henry 9 months-40Henry 9 months-27 Henry 9 months-37Henry 9 months-74 Henry 9 months-76Henry 9 months-100 Henry 9 months-102 Henry 9 months-111 Henry 9 months-98 Henry 9 months-88 Henry 9 months-90Henry 9 months-71 Henry 9 months-72Henry 9 months-57 Henry 9 months-7 Henry 9 months-63Henry 9 months-79 Henry 9 months-38Henry 9 months-105 Henry 9 months-68 Henry 9 months-67 Henry 9 months-60 Henry 9 months-124 Henry 9 months-80 Henry 9 months-83Henry 9 months-93 Henry 9 months-55Henry 9 months-54 Henry 9 months-56 Henry 9 months-120 Henry 9 months-128 Henry 9 months-117

You can see more family photographs on my website – please contact me to talk about a session for your family, I’d love to capture some special memories for you.

Vienna Christmas Markets & Lights

Vienna is a beautiful city to visit at anytime of year, but when the Austrian Christmas Markets are running and the city is strung with a dazzling array of Christmas lights it is really special. Vienna has many Christmas Markets throughout the city – ranging from the spectacular ‘Vienna magic of advent’ and old Viennese Christmas market in Rathausplatz to the stalls in the narrow cobbled streets in Spittelberg’s market. The tall Christmas tree in the Rathausplatz market was decorated in lights the colour of the French flag this year in memory of those who died in the recent attacks in Paris.

All the streets around Stephansdom are filled with strings of intricate golden lights in chandelier, crown and firework patterns. The Maria-Theresien-Platz market is found between two striking buildings – the museum of fine arts and the natural history museum – whilst the university quad in the old AKH has a small market complete with rinks for Bavarian Curling. Karlskirche provides a beautiful backdrop for an arts and crafts market, complete with piles of straw for children to play in! Freyung and Am Hof are very close to one another and offer a lovely mix of stalls including some pottery, glass decorations and artworks that I didn’t spot elsewhere. One of my favourites was the Schonbrunn Palace market, with a stage for carol singers, a lovely mix of food and craft stalls creating a cosy feel in the cold and the beautiful Palace itself lit behind the Christmas tree. Although the market at Belvedere Palace is smaller, I think the incredible reflections still make it worth visiting.

Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-202 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-184 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-178 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-182 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-189 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-190 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-193Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-201 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-203Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-205 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-216 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-208 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-213 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-224 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-215  Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-217 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-220 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-219 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-310 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-288 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-246Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-254 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-251 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-256 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-257Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-263 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-272 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-283 Bratislava & Vienna Dec15-281

Read about Slovakia’s Bratislava Christmas market on the blog and visit my website to see more of my travel photography – and please leave any suggestions and tips for future Christmas market trips below!