Explore London – Lumiere

This January, although the Christmas lights have come down, London has been lit by the Lumiere London installations. This free light festival covered 30 locations across London, grouped around Kings Cross, Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus. There were images and animations (including an elephant!) projected onto buildings, colour changing dresses and an installation made of recycled plastic bottles. However one of the most mesmerising displays was Les Luminéoles – illuminated coloured fish that floated across the sky in graceful patterns. The sites were packed over the four evenings, the incredible installations (and food stalls including the utterly English Tea & Crumpets van!) proving a wonderful way to brighten up January – I hope it can become an annual event.

Luminere Jan16-18 Luminere Jan16-46Luminere Jan16-4 Luminere Jan16-7 Luminere Jan16-15Luminere Jan16-33 Luminere Jan16-31Luminere Jan16-23 Luminere Jan16-26 Luminere Jan16-27Luminere Jan16-28 Luminere Jan16-2Luminere Jan16-36 Luminere Jan16-40Luminere Jan16-42 Luminere Jan16-41Luminere Jan16-17 Luminere Jan16-45Luminere Jan16-63 Luminere Jan16-70 Luminere Jan16-71 Luminere Jan16-59 Luminere Jan16-65 Luminere Jan16-67 Luminere Jan16-60 Luminere Jan16-72 Luminere Jan16-73Luminere Jan16-48 Luminere Jan16-82 Luminere Jan16-55 Luminere Jan16-83 Luminere Jan16-85Luminere Jan16-54 Luminere Jan16-53

You can see more of my photos here.

Photos © Hannah Larkin www.hannahlarkinphotography.com

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