Chris & Sophie’s Emotional Wedding

I was happy to work with Phil Smith to capture this very emotional wedding. Sophie’s dad passed away and she said that she’d never get married without him there. However, when her partner Chris, father to her three children, proposed she decided to plan a wedding with many special touches to make it almost feel as if her dad was there. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church (mine included) when the Vicar explained the rings were being delivered as a sign of blessing from Sophie’s dad and a barn owl swept down the aisle with the rings. This was followed by the couple releasing doves before getting into a handsome horse-drawn carriage whilst their guests travelled to the Merry Fiddlers reception venue in a classic routemaster bus.

At the reception the attention to detail continued with a wishing well, giant illuminated LOVE letters on a sparkling dance floor and lots of mementos throughout the marquee, pub and garden. To eat there was a seafood stall, a hog roast, a traditional ice cream trike and an incredible cake table. And after a first dance to ‘All of me’, Sophie’s dad was remembered again as she danced with her brother, who had walked her down the aisle, to ‘Dance with my father again’. There was entertainment from some talented Irish dances before everyone joined the dance floor to celebrate. I was honoured to be a part of this beautiful and moving family wedding – congratulations Sophie & Chris!

Sophie & Chris Wedding-1 Sophie & Chris Wedding-11Sophie & Chris Wedding-6 Sophie & Chris Wedding-4Sophie & Chris Wedding-3 Sophie & Chris Wedding-118 Sophie & Chris Wedding-13 Sophie & Chris Wedding-8 Sophie & Chris Wedding-15Sophie & Chris Wedding-17 Sophie & Chris Wedding-20 Sophie & Chris Wedding-24Sophie & Chris Wedding-27 Sophie & Chris Wedding-28 Sophie & Chris Wedding-88Sophie & Chris Wedding-43 Sophie & Chris Wedding-100Sophie & Chris Wedding-44 Sophie & Chris Wedding-107Sophie & Chris Wedding-31 Sophie & Chris Wedding-36Sophie & Chris Wedding-34 Sophie & Chris Wedding-42 Sophie & Chris Wedding-46Sophie & Chris Wedding-53 Sophie & Chris Wedding-58 Sophie & Chris Wedding-59 Sophie & Chris Wedding-61 Sophie & Chris Wedding-47Sophie & Chris Wedding-49 Sophie & Chris Wedding-50 Sophie & Chris Wedding-51Sophie & Chris Wedding-62 Sophie & Chris Wedding-63Sophie & Chris Wedding-114 Sophie & Chris Wedding-116 Sophie & Chris Wedding-139Sophie & Chris Wedding-65 Sophie & Chris Wedding-85 Sophie & Chris Wedding-91 Sophie & Chris Wedding-77 Sophie & Chris Wedding-82Sophie & Chris Wedding-72 Sophie & Chris Wedding-79 Sophie & Chris Wedding-80 Sophie & Chris Wedding-96 Sophie & Chris Wedding-92 Sophie & Chris Wedding-124Sophie & Chris Wedding-122 Sophie & Chris Wedding-135Sophie & Chris Wedding-134 Sophie & Chris Wedding-151 Sophie & Chris Wedding-152 Sophie & Chris Wedding-153Sophie & Chris Wedding-163 Sophie & Chris Wedding-161 Sophie & Chris Wedding-157Sophie & Chris Wedding-174 Sophie & Chris Wedding-176 Sophie & Chris Wedding-178Sophie & Chris Wedding-168 Sophie & Chris Wedding-169 Sophie & Chris Wedding-172 Sophie & Chris Wedding-170

You can see more of my wedding photography here.

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