Maternity shoot with big brother to be!

Sarah makes pregnancy look easy – juggling work as a GP, final exams and being a great mum to 3 year old Joshua all whilst looking glowing and relaxed. I loved capturing some photos of her at 32 weeks and Joshua was keen to show off his big brother skills by hugging mum’s bump! He wanted to copy mum – from making a heart with his fingers to having his photo taken too. I’m thrilled to share that baby Jessica has arrived safely – I can’t wait to meet her for her newborn photos.

Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-41 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-11 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-14 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-25 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-30 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-26 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-28 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-34Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-33 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-78 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-79Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-84 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-86 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-46 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-56 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-50 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-59Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-60 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-45 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-62 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-65Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-91 Sarah & Josh Maternity 12Feb16-93

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