A cosy Sunday morning family photo shoot

This winter I was lucky to meet 16 month old John and his parents Joana & Stephen. They wanted a cosy, Sunday morning feel to their photos and when I arrived at their beautiful home in Canary Wharf they were all ready for me in their pjs! They played with John’s favourite Lego in the living room before having fun bouncing on the bed together. John was just learning to walk and with encouragement from mum and dad he completed several widths of the rug. After that, as the sun was shining and the sky was blue, we wrapped up warm and headed to their local park. John sped off with his walker before snuggling up with his parents to blow some bubbles. It was such a perfect, relaxed Sunday morning – full of giggles and mischief – I was so happy to spend it with them.

Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-5 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-14 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-11 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-8 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-16 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-19 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-27 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-20 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-36 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-41 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-43 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-44 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-50 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-62 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-60 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-54 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-57 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-67 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-65 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-72 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-74 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-111 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-77 - CopyJoana, Stephen & John Nov15-121 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-78 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-81 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-85 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-88 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-89 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-91 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-95 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-99 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-100 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-103 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-106Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-82 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-115 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-117Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-132 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-128 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-131 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-135 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-136 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-146Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-1 - Copy Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-139 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-144 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-142 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-151 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-162 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-164 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-179 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-166Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-165 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-173 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-175 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-153 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-159Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-161 Joana, Stephen & John Nov15-171

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Dana & Eoin’s Lakeside Engagement

Dana worked for many years as an actress before becoming a teacher – but it seems she’s not the only one with a dramatic side! Eoin planned an elaborate Christmas proposal, asking Dana to help him turn off the lights on her parent’s dock at dusk. When they got there Eoin took out a sparkly engagement ring and asked Dana to marry him. So far a beautiful story, but at this point Eoin dropped the ring and could only watch as it bounced on the dock before disappearing with a splash into the water… After what Eoin describes as a ‘dramatic pause’ and Dana describes as ‘forever’ Eoin reached into his pocket and handed a completely shocked Dana the real engagement ring!

With a proposal like this, it was only fitting that their engagement photos featured a dock, a beautiful lakeside setting and plenty of laughter. I can’t wait to see what Eoin has up his sleeve for their wedding later this month… or whether Dana plans to get him back!

Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-1 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-2 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-19 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-10 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-9Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-3 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-14Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-6 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-28Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-24 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-26 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-27 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-45 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-39 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-35Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-41 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-22 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-38Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-40 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-42Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-54 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-46Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-50 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-53

If you’re just engaged please get in touch so we can plan a relaxed and romantic engagement session that fits your story. Or if you’re planning a special proposal I’d love to find a way to capture the moment, whether you’d like to propose during a couple shoot or arrange for me to be in your chosen location to photograph it discreetly.