Dana & Eoin’s Lakeside Engagement

Dana worked for many years as an actress before becoming a teacher – but it seems she’s not the only one with a dramatic side! Eoin planned an elaborate Christmas proposal, asking Dana to help him turn off the lights on her parent’s dock at dusk. When they got there Eoin took out a sparkly engagement ring and asked Dana to marry him. So far a beautiful story, but at this point Eoin dropped the ring and could only watch as it bounced on the dock before disappearing with a splash into the water… After what Eoin describes as a ‘dramatic pause’ and Dana describes as ‘forever’ Eoin reached into his pocket and handed a completely shocked Dana the real engagement ring!

With a proposal like this, it was only fitting that their engagement photos featured a dock, a beautiful lakeside setting and plenty of laughter. I can’t wait to see what Eoin has up his sleeve for their wedding later this month… or whether Dana plans to get him back!

Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-1 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-2 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-19 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-10 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-9Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-3 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-14Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-6 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-28Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-24 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-26 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-27 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-45 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-39 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-35Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-41 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-22 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-38Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-40 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-42Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-54 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-46Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-50 Dana & Eoin prewed shoot-53

If you’re just engaged please get in touch so we can plan a relaxed and romantic engagement session that fits your story. Or if you’re planning a special proposal I’d love to find a way to capture the moment, whether you’d like to propose during a couple shoot or arrange for me to be in your chosen location to photograph it discreetly.


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