Poppy: a cat portrait session

Poppy is a rather beautiful black and white cat who found her forever home with Catherine. She was a scared little kitten when Catherine first met her, but with kindness and time she’s settled in and relaxed in her new home. Now she loves watching birds through the window, curling up on the radiator and admiring the view from her perch on top of the door. I spent a sunny afternoon getting to know Poppy in her favourite spots at home, capturing images that show her clever and mischievous character.

Poppy Nov15-12 Poppy Nov15-13Poppy Nov15-2 Poppy Nov15-4 Poppy Nov15-18 Poppy Nov15-21 Poppy Nov15-29 Poppy Nov15-24 Poppy Nov15-31Poppy Nov15-34 Poppy Nov15-35 Poppy Nov15-36 Poppy Nov15-37 Poppy Nov15-41Poppy Nov15-50 Poppy Nov15-43 Poppy Nov15-44  Poppy Nov15-55 Poppy Nov15-56 Poppy Nov15-62 Poppy Nov15-63 Poppy Nov15-66 Poppy Nov15-71Poppy Nov15-87 Poppy Nov15-75 Poppy Nov15-77

You can see more of my wildlife and animal photography on my website. I love animals but don’t have space for one at home at the moment, so I’m always happy to make friends with other people’s pets – if you’d like to book a pet portrait session please do be in touch!

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