Naomi – 4 weeks old

I was honoured to be asked to photograph beautiful baby Naomi and her parents as they settled into life as a family of three. At 4 weeks old, Naomi was alert, showing off her incredible blue eyes and gazing up at her mum and dad. It was so special to spend time with this new little family in their home where they were relaxed and comfortable and to see the bond between them. After I sent over their gallery I received this lovely message from mum Kathryn: “Thank you for seeing her as we do, and for capturing so many sides of her beautiful innocence and playfulness. We can’t ever thank you enough xxx”. Photos taken in the first few weeks of a baby’s life are so special and I love to think that these images will be treasured forever.

Naomi 4 weeks old-5 Naomi 4 weeks old-4Naomi 4 weeks old-9 Naomi 4 weeks old-10 Naomi 4 weeks old-12 Naomi 4 weeks old-16 Naomi 4 weeks old-1 Naomi 4 weeks old-17 Naomi 4 weeks old-19 Naomi 4 weeks old-21 Naomi 4 weeks old-22 Naomi 4 weeks old-20 Naomi 4 weeks old-23 Naomi 4 weeks old-33Naomi 4 weeks old-41 Naomi 4 weeks old-42 Naomi 4 weeks old-52Naomi 4 weeks old-32 Naomi 4 weeks old-50Naomi 4 weeks old-34 Naomi 4 weeks old-45 Naomi 4 weeks old-48Naomi 4 weeks old-29 Naomi 4 weeks old-26

You can see more of my family photography on my website, and if you’d like to arrange a relaxed family portrait or newborn session in your home I’d love to hear from you.

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