Lynsey & Sam’s Scottish Seaside Wedding

I love St Andrews and so was excited to work with Rachel Rose to photograph Lynsey & Sam’s wedding. Lynsey got ready in the Fairmont Hotel, wearing an elegant fitted dress with a beautiful back and combining Scottish thistles and English roses in her bridal bouquet. Lynsey & Sam met while they were studying at St Andrews University, and so they were able to get married at St. Salvator’s Chapel – a fifteenth century chapel owned by the university. It’s a striking chapel with pews that face each other – so every guest had a clear view of Lynsey as her proud father walked her down the aisle. It has gorgeous chandeliers and stained glass windows and is just across the courtyard from Lower College Hall where the reception took place. Being by the sea is one of my favourite things and so, for me, any couple who want their wedding photos on the beach is just perfect! There’s something so romantic about the vast expanse of sea and sky. After time on the beach, we headed back to Lower College Hall for drinks and the cutting of the cake.

Lynsey & Sam x-7 Lynsey & Sam x-4 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-8Lynsey & Sam Wedding-9 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-6 Lynsey & Sam x-2Lynsey & Sam x-10 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-11Lynsey & Sam x-8 Lynsey & Sam x-9 Lynsey & Sam x-5 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-15 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-23 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-19 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-17 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-18 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-20 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-24 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-25 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-28 Lynsey & Sam x-11 Lynsey & Sam x-12 Lynsey & Sam x-13 Lynsey & Sam x-6 Lynsey & Sam x-16 Lynsey & Sam x-17 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-91 Lynsey & Sam x-14 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-40 Lynsey & Sam x-15Lynsey & Sam Wedding-72 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-50Lynsey & Sam Wedding-49 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-59Lynsey & Sam Wedding-64 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-69Lynsey & Sam Wedding-74 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-76 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-73 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-61 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-60Lynsey & Sam Wedding-54 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-77 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-42 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-92 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-80Lynsey & Sam Wedding-88 Lynsey & Sam Wedding-89

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Camila & Elton excitedly expecting

Camila’s excitement was just contagious! At 34 weeks pregnant she was glowing and healthy and couldn’t wait to meet baby Bella. She wanted photographs to record and remember how she and Elton felt, waiting for the arrival of their first child. Camila couldn’t stop smiling and Elton loved to feel his daughter kicking away. I’m happy to share that Bella arrived safely and I’ll soon be sharing her gorgeous newborn photos.

Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-3 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-5 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-6Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-12 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-15Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-25 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-38Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-36 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-42 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-9Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-41 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-73 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-62Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-46 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-49 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-50 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-53Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-67 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-72 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-77 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-75 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-78 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-88Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-81 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-82 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-92Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-87 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-128Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-97 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-100Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-114 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-113Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-120 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-123 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-125Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-134 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-131 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-138

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Chelsea Flower Show 2016 – Gardens & Sculptures

I love the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as there are always so many ideas to inspire and admire. Some years I find my attention is mostly caught by the flowers, but this year the gardens and sculptures were my highlights.

Some particular favourites were the space-saving Garage Garden by incredible Japanese designer Kazuyuki Ishihara and the perfect symmetry in the Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden. I loved the quirks of Diarmuid Gavin’s Harrods’ British Eccentrics Garden set around a tall thin house – twirling trees, rotating flowerbeds and even a Wallace & Gromit style sundial! In contrast I appreciated the peaceful space afforded by the cool, calm, grey pool of the Cloudy Bay Garden and the glorious pink and purple planting of the LG Smart Garden. Two of the smaller Fresh Gardens also caught my eye – the AkzoNobel Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden showing the use of plants for dyes to create beautifully coloured fabrics and the intriguing Antithesis of Sarcophagi – a garden within a giant granite cube that can only be glimpsed through small peep holes.

There were sculptures that caught my eye too from Ukranian sculptor Victoria Chichinadze’s arching bronze figure to James Doran-Webb’s intricate driftwood animals, Brendan Hesmondhaigh’s fox sculptures to Woody Fox’s willow work badger. There was a theme of love running throughout the show this year with a lovebird bench, Nigel Peterken’s driftwood sign and a gorgeous grass table-setting complete with hanging cake stand, garden fork & trowel! The whole show was set against the striking backdrop of the Royal Hospital with its garden full of 26,000 handmade poppies.

Chelsea Flower Show May2016-2 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-3 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-27 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-10 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-28Chelsea Flower Show May2016-14 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-25 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-19Chelsea Flower Show May2016-51 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-30 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-13Chelsea Flower Show May2016-56 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-75 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-40 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-42 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-70Chelsea Flower Show May2016-58 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-60 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-43 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-46Chelsea Flower Show May2016-11 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-63 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-67Chelsea Flower Show May2016-74 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-64 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-7 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-69Chelsea Flower Show May2016-78 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-76Chelsea Flower Show May2016-79 Chelsea Flower Show May2016-1

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