Caroline & Jonathan’s Gorgeous Garden Wedding

I loved working with Lottie Ettling to capture this gorgeous garden wedding, full of beautiful blooms all grown by the bride’s family. Caroline & Jonathan were childhood sweethearts and chose to get married at St Helen’s church in Burton Joyce. This is just a short horse-drawn carriage trip from Caroline’s childhood home, where the celebrations continued in a beautiful marquee surrounded by tepees for overnight guests.

Torrential rain shortly before the ceremony got everyone worried, but the sun came out and the weather was incredible for the rest of the day. Caroline looked stunning in her deep v back dress with wide sash, whilst her bridesmaids wore pretty chiffon dresses in different pastel colours. Away from the marquee, a quiet woodland walk was a lovely spot for romantic portraits and later while guests found their seats inside, a hay bale seat was perfectly positioned to catch the evening sunlight.

Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-4 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-5 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-10 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-15 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-14 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-12Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-48 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-46 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-43Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-49 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-51 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-91Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-68 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-72Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-90 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-80Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-81 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-74Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-104 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-108 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-116 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-117 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-84 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-118Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-131 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-172Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-133 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-169Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-150 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-152 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-183Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-187 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-154Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-185 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-173 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-176 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-174 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-166 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-194Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-202 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-214 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-207 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-252Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-248 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-254Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-250 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-226 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-229Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-135 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-240Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-220 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-268Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-259 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-264 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-290 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-275Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-271 Caroline & Jonathan Wedding Sept15-272

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Xander & Henry – brothers making friends

I met Henry when he was only 8 days old and since photographed him learning to walk. Henry’s half brother Xander enjoys spending time at his dad’s and he and Henry are fast becoming firm friends. They both liked snuggling with dad and reading stories together. Xander kindly shared his fireman’s helmets with Henry and also insisted I wear one for part of the session – I love my job! Dad and Xander had some time just the two of them playing with his yellow truck and doing puzzles on the floor. Xander brought out his favourite toys to show me – tiger and shark  – and then we took the tiger to the park to play on the swings and run through the fallen leaves.

My relaxed family photography sessions take place in your home or at special spots where you all like to spend time. With two hours there’s no rush, and plenty of time to capture favourite toys, running, playing, reading and cuddles. Children (and parents) get used to me and my camera, allowing me to get warm, touching, natural photos of your family having fun.

Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-3 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-6 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-4 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-5Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-7 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-17 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-2 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-11 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-15Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-14 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-16 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-85Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-19 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-23 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-20 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-25 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-26 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-29 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-30 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-34 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-33 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-38 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-40 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-41 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-42 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-48 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-51 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-53Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-59 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-70Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-62 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-63 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-68 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-65 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-67 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-66 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-76Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-80 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-81 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-82 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-83Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-86 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-89 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-58 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-100 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-97 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-104Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-93 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-95 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-99Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-105 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-107 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-109Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-112 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-114 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-119 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-121 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-123 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-124Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-127 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-129 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-128

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