Autumn colours

Although I live in London I’m really a country girl from a tiny village in Northumberland. When I was up there recently I enjoyed walking in the nearby woodland and admiring all the beautiful colours of autumn. Trees turning yellow and orange against a perfect blue sky, glowing red berries and gleaming conkers, acorns in cups, alder and pine cones, beech nuts and piles of golden leaves – autumn is such a gorgeous time of year!

autumn-colours-2 autumn-colours-18autumn-colours-7 autumn-colours-3 autumn-colours-4 autumn-colours-8 autumn-colours-9 autumn-colours-10 autumn-colours-28 autumn-colours-12 autumn-colours-14  autumn-colours-21 autumn-colours-22  autumn-colours-25 autumn-colours-26  autumn-colours-51 autumn-colours-31 autumn-colours-32 autumn-colours-33 autumn-colours-52autumn-colours-43 autumn-colours-35 autumn-colours-47 autumn-colours-48autumn-colours-40 autumn-colours-41     autumn-colours-55 autumn-colours-56   autumn-colours-68 autumn-colours-69 autumn-colours-73 autumn-colours-71 autumn-colours-77 autumn-colours-78  autumn-colours-79 autumn-colours-83autumn-colours-67 autumn-colours-80 autumn-colours-91    autumn-colours-81 autumn-colours-92

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