A newborn niece – Jessica

When your auntie’s a family and wedding photographer you get lots of photos, but it can take a while for them to be shared… I can’t believe my beautiful little niece turns 1 this month – definitely time to share her newborn photos!

After glowing through pregnancy whilst juggling work, exams & a toddler, my wonderful relaxed sister-in-law & her laid-back partner were happy for me to come and stay 9 days after Jessica was born. This was partly to help entertain big brother Joshua and partly to capture some of those special brand new baby moments. From wrinkled fingers to flaky toes, screwed up crying faces to contented sleep, first toys and hats to blankets knitted with love, being hugged (or possibly put in a headlock…) by a new big brother to everyone adjusting to life as a family of four.

I’m a totally smitten auntie and feel so lucky to have been able to spend time with them right from the start. I’m looking forward to watching them grow, but I’m savouring every minute and creating collections of happy memories to treasure along the way.

jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-59 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-60jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-37 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-12 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-13 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-15  jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-20 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-21 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-44 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-31jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-30 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-29 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-32 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-33 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-34 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-35 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-36 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-39 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-40 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-41 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-45 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-57 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-58jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-48 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-53 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-67 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-68 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-64 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-62 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-50 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-71 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-72 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-70 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-73 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-75 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-76 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-79  jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-77 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-83 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-85jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-84 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-98 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-106 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-110 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-101jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-103 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-87jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-105 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-108 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-112jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-120 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-122 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-124 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-123 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-131 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-134jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-102 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-141 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-132 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-140 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-149 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-136 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-61

You can see more of my family photography on my website. If you’d like me to create a collection of happy memories from a relaxed family or newborn session in your home I’d love to hear from you – please just complete this form and I’ll be in touch!

jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-118 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-119

Happy First Birthday Jessica! Love Auntie Han x