5 Christmas Photo Ideas

I know it’s not December yet but Christmas trees are popping up, Christmas lists are being written & it’s the perfect time to plan your Christmas photos. Whether for Christmas cards for friends & family, prints, canvases or photobooks as presents or gifting a session itself, here are my top 5 festive photo session ideas for couples & families – plus some on my own Christmas wish list…

1) Romantically wrapped up warm

Winter is the perfect time for those snuggled up couple photos. Add chunky knit scarves, bobble hats & winter coats then cozy together for warmth – giving natural, relaxed & romantic photos


2) Family fun decorating

Family traditions are always special – I remember the excitement when my dad took down of our box of Christmas decorations from the loft each year! Whether you’re in novelty hats putting lights up outdoors, or snugly gathered together hanging Christmas stockings by the fire – capture these traditions as your family grows

3) Christmas jumpers & mistletoe

Mistletoe is the perfect prop for a couples Christmas shoot allowing plenty of kisses & laughter, while celebrating a (possibly) ancient Norse tradition. Add a festive winter woolly to keep you cozy for a fun-filled couples shoot

4) Pjs & favourite toys

Capture that Christmas morning feel with a relaxed session at home in your pjs. Add current favourite toys, or even (if you’ve been really good) open one gift early for that Christmas present joy & excitement

5) A visit to Santa

Santa’s pretty busy in December & can be found in magical grottos, farms with reindeer & even on the Polar Express. I love to capture the awe & excitement from stroking Rudolph, baking with Mrs Claus or telling Santa what they want for Christmas

And my wish list? This year I’m asking Santa for a Christmas photo session for furry friends (pets can be Christmassy!) & photographing a trip to choose, carry home & decorate your Christmas tree (bonus points if you cut it down yourself!)

I have limited dates available in London & Northumberland & I’d love to talk to you about your plans

A newborn niece – Jessica

When your auntie’s a family and wedding photographer you get lots of photos, but it can take a while for them to be shared… I can’t believe my beautiful little niece turns 1 this month – definitely time to share her newborn photos!

After glowing through pregnancy whilst juggling work, exams & a toddler, my wonderful relaxed sister-in-law & her laid-back partner were happy for me to come and stay 9 days after Jessica was born. This was partly to help entertain big brother Joshua and partly to capture some of those special brand new baby moments. From wrinkled fingers to flaky toes, screwed up crying faces to contented sleep, first toys and hats to blankets knitted with love, being hugged (or possibly put in a headlock…) by a new big brother to everyone adjusting to life as a family of four.

I’m a totally smitten auntie and feel so lucky to have been able to spend time with them right from the start. I’m looking forward to watching them grow, but I’m savouring every minute and creating collections of happy memories to treasure along the way.

jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-59 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-60jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-37 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-12 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-13 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-15  jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-20 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-21 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-44 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-31jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-30 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-29 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-32 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-33 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-34 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-35 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-36 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-39 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-40 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-41 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-45 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-57 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-58jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-48 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-53 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-67 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-68 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-64 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-62 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-50 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-71 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-72 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-70 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-73 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-75 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-76 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-79  jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-77 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-83 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-85jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-84 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-98 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-106 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-110 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-101jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-103 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-87jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-105 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-108 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-112jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-120 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-122 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-124 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-123 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-131 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-134jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-102 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-141 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-132 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-140 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-149 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-136 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-61

You can see more of my family photography on my website. If you’d like me to create a collection of happy memories from a relaxed family or newborn session in your home I’d love to hear from you – please just complete this form and I’ll be in touch!

jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-118 jessica-and-joshua-3apr16-119

Happy First Birthday Jessica! Love Auntie Han x


Christmas family photos at Beamish

I love heading back to Northumberland for Christmas and catching up with my school friends and their families. Last year I joined Harriet, her husband Dave and their gorgeous children, Sophie & Abi, on a family outing to Beamish. Wrapped up warm in some impressively festive hats, we were lucky to enjoy a clear crisp winter day with blue skies while they rode the beautiful old carousel. Then as it started to get dark we ducked into Santa’s grotto. The girls made special ‘elf scarves’ and then studied the magical fairy lights as we waited to see Santa. I loved seeing their excitement and awe at meeting Father Christmas himself – I think that wonder is something very special to capture. Thanks for letting me join your Christmas outing!

meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-1 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-5 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-7meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-3 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-4   meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-11 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-10 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-13   meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-14 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-15 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-12 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-19  meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-18 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-30 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-22 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-25meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-21 meddings-at-beamish-21dec15-23

My relaxed family photography sessions can take place in your home or on an adventure like this! Please contact me to talk about a session for your family, I’d love to capture some special memories for you.


A relaxed family Sunday

Liya & Rupesh have two beautiful boys – Jonah & Dylan. I first photographed them when Dylan was just a 11 days old and it was lovely to see how they’ve grown (Jonah’s now 3 and Dylan is 1) and become firm friends.

I joined them for a relaxed Sunday afternoon at home and captured those everyday moments – playing with favourite toys, tickling, piggybacks with mum and putting on dad’s shoes! Rupesh’s parents popped in for a while and were in demand for cuddles. Once everyone had their own shoes on, we went out and played in the back garden where Jonah & Dylan have a little cafe complete with toaster and chalk board signs. Jonah helped to water the plants while Dylan just wanted dad to spin him round and round which made him giggle endlessly. Then bubbles & balls on the grass at the front before heading indoors for a dinner of fish fingers and a last bit of playtime and stories together before bed.

I love capturing families at home to tell the story of their weekend. Staying for a couple of hours & being in their environment where they feel comfortable the children (& parents!) quickly get used to me and relax, so I can take natural portraits that show the love, laughter & fun of the family.

Liya & Rupesh thank you for inviting me to share your Sunday afternoon – & thanks to Jonah & Dylan for all the tasty imaginary goodies from your cafe!

liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-8 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-10 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-11liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-79 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-81 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-3 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-15 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-33liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-16 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-12 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-18liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-20 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-29 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-22liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-24 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-21liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-23 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-27 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-2 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-30liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-32 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-34liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-35 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-36 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-75liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-45 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-46 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-47liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-54 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-55 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-64liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-59 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-48liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-50 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-52liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-58 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-43liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-53 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-28 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-91liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-56 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-65 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-70liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-77 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-87liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-72 liya-rupesh-jonah-dylan-apr16-84

You can see more of my family photography on my website and if you’d like to arrange a relaxed and fun family photo session, I’d love to hear from you:

Ava Rose – 5 weeks old

As a devoted auntie myself, I was touched when Ava’s auntie got in touch to arrange a family photoshoot as a gift to celebrate Ava’s birth. At 5 weeks old, Ava was content and settled and Adam & Laura were relaxed and enjoying every minute with their new daughter. I was able to photograph Ava with some gorgeous blankets gifted by family, including a beautiful patchwork quilt. I like to capture all the little details – tiny toes, curled fingers and chubby chins – as well as baby portraits, and its always so special to photograph the bond between new parents & baby.

When I sent over the images I received a lovely message from mum Laura: “thanks so much Hannah, the photos are beautiful… We had a lovely morning with you and it was clear to see how much Ava loved it too. She likes the camera! Thanks for being so patient with her”. Photographing new babies at home means everyone can be relaxed and comfortable and allowing 3 hours for newborn sessions ensures there’s no rush or pressure, plenty of time for feeding and settling, so it’s stress-free and everyone can enjoy the experience.

Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-23 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-28Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-31 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-34Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-24 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-27 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-45 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-44 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-52 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-54 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-55 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-71 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-60 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-62 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-70 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-65 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-68 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-73Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-38 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-40Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-37 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-82Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-81 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-77 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-78Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-79 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-80Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-83 Laura, Adam & Ava 5 weeks-84

You can see more of my family photography on my website, and if you’d like to arrange a relaxed family portrait or newborn session in your home I’d love to hear from you.

Xander & Henry – brothers making friends

I met Henry when he was only 8 days old and since photographed him learning to walk. Henry’s half brother Xander enjoys spending time at his dad’s and he and Henry are fast becoming firm friends. They both liked snuggling with dad and reading stories together. Xander kindly shared his fireman’s helmets with Henry and also insisted I wear one for part of the session – I love my job! Dad and Xander had some time just the two of them playing with his yellow truck and doing puzzles on the floor. Xander brought out his favourite toys to show me – tiger and shark  – and then we took the tiger to the park to play on the swings and run through the fallen leaves.

My relaxed family photography sessions take place in your home or at special spots where you all like to spend time. With two hours there’s no rush, and plenty of time to capture favourite toys, running, playing, reading and cuddles. Children (and parents) get used to me and my camera, allowing me to get warm, touching, natural photos of your family having fun.

Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-3 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-6 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-4 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-5Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-7 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-17 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-2 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-11 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-15Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-14 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-16 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-85Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-19 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-23 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-20 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-25 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-26 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-29 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-30 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-34 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-33 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-38 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-40 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-41 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-42 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-48 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-51 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-53Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-59 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-70Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-62 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-63 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-68 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-65 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-67 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-66 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-76Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-80 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-81 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-82 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-83Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-86 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-89 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-58 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-100 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-97 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-104Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-93 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-95 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-99Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-105 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-107 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-109Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-112 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-114 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-119 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-121 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-123 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-124Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-127 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-129 Xander, Henry & Ant Nov15-128

You can see more of my family photography on my website and if you’d like to arrange a relaxed and fun family photo session, I’d love to hear from you:


Camila & Elton excitedly expecting

Camila’s excitement was just contagious! At 34 weeks pregnant she was glowing and healthy and couldn’t wait to meet baby Bella. She wanted photographs to record and remember how she and Elton felt, waiting for the arrival of their first child. Camila couldn’t stop smiling and Elton loved to feel his daughter kicking away. I’m happy to share that Bella arrived safely and I’ll soon be sharing her gorgeous newborn photos.

Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-3 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-5 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-6Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-12 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-15Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-25 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-38Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-36 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-42 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-9Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-41 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-73 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-62Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-46 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-49 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-50 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-53Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-67 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-72 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-77 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-75 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-78 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-88Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-81 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-82 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-92Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-87 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-128Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-97 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-100Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-114 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-113Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-120 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-123 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-125Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-134 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-131 Camila & Elton maternity 8Apr16-138

You can see more of my family photography on my website www.hannahlarkinphotography.com

To book a lifestyle maternity photoshoot in your home please send me a message – I’d love to hear from you:

Naomi – 4 weeks old

I was honoured to be asked to photograph beautiful baby Naomi and her parents as they settled into life as a family of three. At 4 weeks old, Naomi was alert, showing off her incredible blue eyes and gazing up at her mum and dad. It was so special to spend time with this new little family in their home where they were relaxed and comfortable and to see the bond between them. After I sent over their gallery I received this lovely message from mum Kathryn: “Thank you for seeing her as we do, and for capturing so many sides of her beautiful innocence and playfulness. We can’t ever thank you enough xxx”. Photos taken in the first few weeks of a baby’s life are so special and I love to think that these images will be treasured forever.

Naomi 4 weeks old-5 Naomi 4 weeks old-4Naomi 4 weeks old-9 Naomi 4 weeks old-10 Naomi 4 weeks old-12 Naomi 4 weeks old-16 Naomi 4 weeks old-1 Naomi 4 weeks old-17 Naomi 4 weeks old-19 Naomi 4 weeks old-21 Naomi 4 weeks old-22 Naomi 4 weeks old-20 Naomi 4 weeks old-23 Naomi 4 weeks old-33Naomi 4 weeks old-41 Naomi 4 weeks old-42 Naomi 4 weeks old-52Naomi 4 weeks old-32 Naomi 4 weeks old-50Naomi 4 weeks old-34 Naomi 4 weeks old-45 Naomi 4 weeks old-48Naomi 4 weeks old-29 Naomi 4 weeks old-26

You can see more of my family photography on my website, and if you’d like to arrange a relaxed family portrait or newborn session in your home I’d love to hear from you.

Poppy: a cat portrait session

Poppy is a rather beautiful black and white cat who found her forever home with Catherine. She was a scared little kitten when Catherine first met her, but with kindness and time she’s settled in and relaxed in her new home. Now she loves watching birds through the window, curling up on the radiator and admiring the view from her perch on top of the door. I spent a sunny afternoon getting to know Poppy in her favourite spots at home, capturing images that show her clever and mischievous character.

Poppy Nov15-12 Poppy Nov15-13Poppy Nov15-2 Poppy Nov15-4 Poppy Nov15-18 Poppy Nov15-21 Poppy Nov15-29 Poppy Nov15-24 Poppy Nov15-31Poppy Nov15-34 Poppy Nov15-35 Poppy Nov15-36 Poppy Nov15-37 Poppy Nov15-41Poppy Nov15-50 Poppy Nov15-43 Poppy Nov15-44  Poppy Nov15-55 Poppy Nov15-56 Poppy Nov15-62 Poppy Nov15-63 Poppy Nov15-66 Poppy Nov15-71Poppy Nov15-87 Poppy Nov15-75 Poppy Nov15-77

You can see more of my wildlife and animal photography on my website. I love animals but don’t have space for one at home at the moment, so I’m always happy to make friends with other people’s pets – if you’d like to book a pet portrait session please do be in touch!