A modern twist on an Asian bridal look

I love weddings where elements of culture and tradition are updated or combined with quirky details to truly express the personalities of the couple. I find Indian bridal jewellery beautiful and intriguing – the intricate elements all combine to create a stunning look. But whilst I’ve photographed traditional styles before, I wanted to find a way to keep the important cultural elements, but with an up to date modern style.

Beautiful model and dancer Nikita, showed off the maharani neckline green blouse and pink high waisted bridal lengha perfectly. Choosing these bright colours rather than traditional golds and reds, already introduces a modern look. Continuing these colours into the makeup, Shreya Pandya used a pink lipstick and a brilliant green eyeliner on the lower rims, creating dramatic emphasis to her deep brown eyes. She added a graded silver shadow to the lids and accentuated the look with eyelash extensions, sculpting the face with blusher to accentuate Nikita’s high cheekbones.

Shreya styled long loose curls, carefully pinned to frame Nikita’s face. Opting, instead of the traditional centre parting and tikka, for a side parting combined with a beautiful white passa with accents of green and pink to match the lengha to create a very different look. Long matching earrings were used together with a large hoop natha or nose ring with a diamond flower. Picking up on the diamond, the white statement 18 strand necklace completed the look.

Choosing bright accent colours, for both the the bridal lengha, jewellery and makeup – together with a side parting and passa without a tikka, allows the traditional Indian bridal style to be updated, giving a fresh modern look.

kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-35 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-57kiren-nikita-25 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-53kiren-nikita-22 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-51kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-54 kiren-nikita-28 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-59kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-55 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-56kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-46 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-47 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-48 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-49kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-62 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-63 kiren-nikita-30 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-65 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-66

Creative Team:
Model Nikkita Chadha
Hair & MUA Shreya Pandya
Clothing Maahira
Jewellery Nishel

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Traditional golden Indian bridal look

As a London wedding photographer, I’m lucky to be surrounded by diversity and love to celebrate different cultures. So I was excited to be part of a creative team working to produce a traditional Indian bridal look, with a regal golden theme.

Kiren Modi was our stunning model and she showed off the gorgeous bridal lengha set, covered with intricate gold embroidery, to perfection. The dupatta, featuring a gold lace edging with red piping, was secured over a low bun and it draped beautifully to complete the outfit. Kiren’s understated up-do had a centre parting to showcase a golden double teardrop tikka, complimented by a gold and white passa over her left temple. Her earrings and necklace matched her tikka, with five gold chains fastening the teardrop pendants around her neck, while an additional gold chain attached her large hoop natha or nose ring. White and gold bangles and an ornate kundan and ruby ring finished the look. Shreya Pandya is a really talented bridal hair & makeup artist and she created a look that perfectly balanced all the bridal jewellery. After forming a flawless base, she emphasised Kiren’s eyes using smoky reds and greys with long lashes and a heavy outline so they could hold their own amongst all the jewels!

I really enjoyed working with this talented team and look forward to sharing more Indian bridal images from both weddings and styled shoots soon.

kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-2 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-26kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-15 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-20kiren-nikita-5 kiren-nikita-8kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-21 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-8kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-3 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-6 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-14 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-7 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-13 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-17 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-18 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-19kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-24  kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-27 kiren-nikita-15kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-28 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-30 kiren-nikita-12kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-32 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-33 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-34

Creative Team:
Model Kiren Modi
MUA Shreya Pandya
Clothing Maahira
Jewellery Nishel

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Festive Asian Bridal Styled Shoot

As a London wedding photographer and having had a multicultural wedding myself I’m always excited to find ways of bringing different cultural traditions together. I wanted to do a bridal shoot that would showcase how traditional Indian elements could be combined with a festive, wintry theme. I also wanted to show that you can have beautiful bridal portraits in winter without shivering in the cold! The beautiful flowers and red berries look gorgeous with both the traditional white wedding dress and a silver sari. Adding intricate henna designs to candles allows a festive feel with an Indian twist, and wrapping up in faux fur, chunky knits & cream accessories gives a stunning winter look.

Festive Asian Bride-2 Festive Asian Bride-5 Festive Asian Bride-12 Festive Asian Bride-14 Festive Asian Bride-16 Festive Asian Bride-17Festive Asian Bride-47 Festive Asian Bride-59Festive Asian Bride-58 Festive Asian Bride-63 Festive Asian Bride-79 Festive Asian Bride-71 Festive Asian Bride-74 Festive Asian Bride-77 Festive Asian Bride-80 Festive Asian Bride-82 Festive Asian Bride-83Festive Asian Bride-98 Festive Asian Bride-87Festive Asian Bride-96 Festive Asian Bride-97 Festive Asian Bride-89 Festive Asian Bride-100 Festive Asian Bride-106 Festive Asian Bride-107 Festive Asian Bride-111 Festive Asian Bride-116 Festive Asian Bride-118 Festive Asian Bride-119 Festive Asian Bride-124 Festive Asian Bride-27 Festive Asian Bride-137Festive Asian Bride-37 Festive Asian Bride-123Festive Asian Bride-131 Festive Asian Bride-138 Festive Asian Bride-140Festive Asian Bride-154 Festive Asian Bride-152 Festive Asian Bride-148Festive Asian Bride-151 Festive Asian Bride-150Festive Asian Bride-142 Festive Asian Bride-145

I loved working with Joanne Truby Floral Design who created the stunning flower crown and winter bouquet and Shreya Pandya who did the gorgeous make-up, hair & intricate henna designs. Binaisha Shah was our beautiful model.

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Evening reception red carpet look

I was really excited to hear that talented makeup artist and hair stylist Shreya Pandya wanted to create a glamorous red carpet look that would be perfect for an evening wedding reception. Stunning model Kiren Modi has such a striking look and was a dream to photograph. In a sparkly midnight blue dress, long loose curls and smoky eyes, Kiren looked just beautiful.

Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-4 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-2 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-22 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-5Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-1 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-11 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-9Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-10 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-16Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-19 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-14 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-18 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-30 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-27 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-28 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-36 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-29 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-26 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-32Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-34 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-38 Kiren Modi Shreya makeup-33

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