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Relaxed first dances to match your personality

How to choose a song and tell your story, whether you’re shy with two left feet or a pro who loves the spotlight. Here are my ten top tips for finding a first dance you can relax and enjoy, from a choreographed masterpiece to a private moment for non-dancers.

Planning your first dance is often left to the last minute, but it’s a great opportunity to choose something unique and personal – and it’s often where some of my favourite photos are captured. Maybe you can’t agree on a song or you hate the idea of being the centre of attention. Maybe you’re looking to include your story and culture or you want to perform a grand finale. Relax – there’s a perfect first dance for everyone.

1. Choose a song that makes you smile

It can be hard to choose a song – it doesn’t have to be romantic or even seasonal (my first dance was to “All I want for Christmas” and I got married in September!) just something that makes you smile. If it’s hard to pick only one, try a mix tape with clips from all your favourites or even a song from each year you’ve been together. And if your tastes are totally different you can always go for rival playlists in a silent disco dance off!


2. Embrace the romance

You don’t have to be a dance professional to have a first dance – it’s fine to just hold each other and enjoy the moment. Some couples feel more relaxed with simple steps to follow and there are many dance instructors who can tailor something just for you.


3. Go for it and laugh!

Who cares if you aren’t ‘Strictly’ standard – just learn a ballroom hold, throw in the odd twirl, go for it and laugh your way through. Remember enthusiasm is both appealing and infectious – you’ll soon have all your guests up and dancing!


4. Escape the spotlight

If you can’t stand to have others watching, then how about a private first dance? Head into the ballroom before your guests or escape for a few minutes to dance under the stars.


5. Tell your story

First dances don’t have to be all music – some couples have recorded voice overs telling the story of their romance. And you can even use props and act out your proposal.


6. Showcase your culture

First dances can also be a chance to share your culture or passion – whether it’s ceilidh dancing with a folk band, showing off some salsa style or breaking out your best Bollywood moves.

7. Involve your wedding party

Consider getting your wedding party to join you for a conga line, a choreographed group dance or get everyone on their feet and dance and dazzle your way through the crowd.


8. Let the little ones shine

Little guests always add cuteness and often steal the show.


9. Solo spots

For those with killer moves, keep everyone’s eyes on you and step into the spotlight for a solo.


10. Grand finale

Want a first dance that no one will forget? Take centre stage with dramatic twirls, streamers and confetti canons – end with a kiss, or sweep your bride right off her feet.


Good luck finding the perfect first dance to suit your personality!

And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who loves weddings where personality shines through, it would be lovely to hear from you. Let’s tell your story.


A modern twist on an Asian bridal look

I love weddings where elements of culture and tradition are updated or combined with quirky details to truly express the personalities of the couple. I find Indian bridal jewellery beautiful and intriguing – the intricate elements all combine to create a stunning look. But whilst I’ve photographed traditional styles before, I wanted to find a way to keep the important cultural elements, but with an up to date modern style.

Beautiful model and dancer Nikita, showed off the maharani neckline green blouse and pink high waisted bridal lengha perfectly. Choosing these bright colours rather than traditional golds and reds, already introduces a modern look. Continuing these colours into the makeup, Shreya Pandya used a pink lipstick and a brilliant green eyeliner on the lower rims, creating dramatic emphasis to her deep brown eyes. She added a graded silver shadow to the lids and accentuated the look with eyelash extensions, sculpting the face with blusher to accentuate Nikita’s high cheekbones.

Shreya styled long loose curls, carefully pinned to frame Nikita’s face. Opting, instead of the traditional centre parting and tikka, for a side parting combined with a beautiful white passa with accents of green and pink to match the lengha to create a very different look. Long matching earrings were used together with a large hoop natha or nose ring with a diamond flower. Picking up on the diamond, the white statement 18 strand necklace completed the look.

Choosing bright accent colours, for both the the bridal lengha, jewellery and makeup – together with a side parting and passa without a tikka, allows the traditional Indian bridal style to be updated, giving a fresh modern look.

kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-35 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-57kiren-nikita-25 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-53kiren-nikita-22 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-51kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-54 kiren-nikita-28 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-59kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-55 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-56kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-46 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-47 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-48 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-49kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-62 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-63 kiren-nikita-30 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-65 kiren-nikita-asian-bridal-shoot-66

Creative Team:
Model Nikkita Chadha
Hair & MUA Shreya Pandya
Clothing Maahira
Jewellery Nishel

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Christmas Wreath Workshop – Joanne Truby

Joanne Truby is an incredible florist who I was lucky to work with with on a festive Asian bridal shoot for the Secret Wedding blog last year. This year I was excited to join one of her Christmas wreath workshops at the Traflagar Tavern in Greenwich. I’ve never made a wreath before so when Joanne and her team unpacked a huge variety of foliage, flowers, berries and dried fruits for us to choose from, and I was faced with a simple circle and a reel of wire, it felt slightly overwhelming! However, along with instruction sheets, Christmas carols, hot chocolate and candy canes, Joanne kept us calm and cheery while she demonstrated three clear stages. Firstly, we created a ‘sausage’ of moss to fill the frame. Secondly, we covered this with our choice of foliage – I went for a mix of pine, rosemary, eucalyptus and berried ivy. Finally, we were let loose to choose our decorations – it was hard to pick from so many beautiful options including holly, whole limes, sliced oranges and apples, cinnamon sticks, crab apples, ribbons and flowers… in the end I decided to stick with a green and blue winter theme and used thistles, viburnum berries, dried lavender, poppy seed heads and a fir cone. The whole workshop was wonderfully festive (it wasn’t just me in a Christmas jumper) and it was great fun getting my hands dirty while somehow managing to create a finished wreath! Everyone created a beautiful wreath. It was amazing how different they all looked – from classic red holly wreaths to floral hydrangea-filled ones, ivy dripping with colourful fruits and my very own wintery blue wreath.

wreath-workshop-dec16-9 wreath-workshop-dec16-3wreath-workshop-dec16-34 wreath-workshop-dec16-10 wreath-workshop-dec16-6wreath-workshop-dec16-15 wreath-workshop-dec16-18 wreath-workshop-dec16-31 wreath-workshop-dec16-32 wreath-workshop-dec16-33  wreath-workshop-dec16-38 wreath-workshop-dec16-39wreath-workshop-dec16-26 wreath-workshop-dec16-30wreath-workshop-dec16-17 wreath-workshop-dec16-19wreath-workshop-dec16-23 wreath-workshop-dec16-25   wreath-workshop-dec16-21 wreath-workshop-dec16-22 wreath-workshop-dec16-51  wreath-workshop-dec16-41 wreath-workshop-dec16-42 wreath-workshop-dec16-44 wreath-workshop-dec16-43  wreath-workshop-dec16-46 wreath-workshop-dec16-49 wreath-workshop-dec16-50 wreath-workshop-dec16-54 wreath-workshop-dec16-57 wreath-workshop-dec16-62  wreath-workshop-dec16-53 wreath-workshop-dec16-65 wreath-workshop-dec16-66 wreath-workshop-dec16-67  wreath-workshop-dec16-72 wreath-workshop-dec16-60 wreath-workshop-dec16-90wreath-workshop-dec16-69 wreath-workshop-dec16-74 wreath-workshop-dec16-88 wreath-workshop-dec16-80 wreath-workshop-dec16-79 wreath-workshop-dec16-81 wreath-workshop-dec16-83 wreath-workshop-dec16-84 wreath-workshop-dec16-85 wreath-workshop-dec16-86 wreath-workshop-dec16-87  wreath-workshop-dec16-89

Thanks again Joanne for a wonderful afternoon – I’ll be enjoying my beautiful wreath all December!

wreath-workshop-dec16-92 finished-wreath-1



Rebecca & Patrick’s Blackheath Wedding Reception

I don’t normally photograph only the evening reception of a wedding – but when my friends Rebecca & Patrick’s photographer finished before the cutting of the cake or the first dance I was glad I had my camera with me at the Hare & Billet pub in Blackheath. Rather than giving a number of hours that I work, when I photograph a wedding I simply say that I’ll be there from bridal preparations through to the first dance – so there’s no stress if things run late. Sometimes the first dance gives some of the most romantic images of the day – and with such an incredible backless wedding dress I’m so glad I was able to capture them for my friends. Congratulations Rebecca & Patrick!

Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-15 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-2Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-1 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-49Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-48 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-67 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-6 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-7 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-3 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-47Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-66 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-53 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-21 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-38 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-43Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-39 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-17 Rebecca & Patrick Sept15-57

You can see more of my wedding photography on my website, and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the UK or overseas I’d love to talk to you about your plans.

Wedding Highlights from 2015

It’s always lovely to be able to look back on the past year and 2015 had some wonderful weddings! From al fresco dining in Tuscany to windswept beaches in Scotland, woodland walks to horse drawn carriages, flower-filled marquees to chandelier adorned churches, weddings at home to London palaces – there have been so many special moments it’s hard to choose my highlights…

colour wedding medium

Just some of the beautiful locations I was lucky to work in last year…

scenes medium

I love the way black and white really captures the emotions of  a wedding day…

b & w wedding b medium

A few of my favourite ‘finishing touches’…

finishing touches medium

Special details that make each wedding unique and personal…

details medium

From the bridal preparation to the walk down the aisle, the steal-the-show children to the party celebrations…

celebrating medium

2015 was a year full of beautiful colourful wedding flowers…

flowers medium

I’m so grateful to have been able to capture special wedding memories for all of my couples…

b & w wedding medium

2015 was a great year, but I’m excited about what 2016 holds! If you’re getting married this year, I have limited availability but would love to talk to you about photographing your wedding.








Sherina and Andy’s Wasing Park Wedding

I was very happy to work with Rachel Rose to capture Sherina & Andy’s stunning wedding at Wasing Park in Berkshire. They had a intimate church ceremony at St Nicholas Church and then a party into the early hours! Sherina looked beautiful with an amazing bouquet, a pair of the most gorgeous wedding shoes I’ve seen and a sparkling tiara. Their reception included a delicate 3-tier cake, lots of dancing as well as caricatures and guests enjoyed the Wasing Park grounds late into the night.

Sherina & Andy-2 Sherina & Andy-16 Sherina & Andy-1 Sherina & Andy-13 Sherina & Andy-19 Sherina & Andy-5 Sherina & Andy-6Sherina & Andy-8 Sherina & Andy-9Sherina & Andy-18 Sherina & Andy-15Sherina & Andy-12 Sherina & Andy-3Sherina & Andy-23 Sherina & Andy-24Sherina & Andy-22 Sherina & Andy-25 Sherina & Andy-26 Sherina & Andy-28 Sherina & Andy-29Sherina & Andy-33 Sherina & Andy-39Sherina & Andy-31 Sherina & Andy-32 Sherina & Andy-36Sherina & Andy-37 Sherina & Andy-38Sherina & Andy-40 Sherina & Andy-55Sherina & Andy-54 Sherina & Andy-57 Sherina & Andy-56 Sherina & Andy-59 Sherina & Andy-53Sherina & Andy-60 Sherina & Andy-58 Sherina & Andy-61Sherina & Andy-70 Sherina & Andy-80 Sherina & Andy-48Sherina & Andy-44 Sherina & Andy-82Sherina & Andy-72 Sherina & Andy-74Sherina & Andy-86 Sherina & Andy-88Sherina & Andy-89 Sherina & Andy-90 Sherina & Andy-91

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Carli and Luke’s Lauderdale House Wedding

Carli & Luke are a lovely couple with a beautiful little boy, Curtis. They had a gorgeous ceremony and reception at Lauderdale House in Waterlow Park in North London. With talented family making the buttonholes and Carli herself making the cake, it was a very personal wedding, full of smiles and laughter – especially at the hilarious speech from the three best men!

Carli & Luke wedding-2 Carli & Luke wedding-46Carli & Luke wedding-4 Carli & Luke wedding-6 Carli & Luke wedding-1 Carli & Luke wedding-5 Carli & Luke wedding-47Carli & Luke wedding-12 buttonhole-1 Carli & Luke wedding-8 Carli & Luke wedding-10 Carli & Luke wedding-11Carli & Luke wedding-9 Carli & Luke wedding-13 Carli & Luke wedding-16Carli & Luke wedding-14 Carli & Luke wedding-18 Carli & Luke wedding-15 Carli & Luke wedding-17 Carli & Luke wedding-20 Carli & Luke wedding-26Carli & Luke wedding-22 Carli & Luke wedding-23Carli & Luke wedding-24Carli & Luke wedding-27 Carli & Luke wedding-21 Carli & Luke wedding-25 Carli & Luke wedding-31Carli & Luke wedding-19 Carli & Luke wedding-28 Carli & Luke wedding-34Carli & Luke wedding-30 Carli & Luke wedding-35 Carli & Luke wedding-36 Carli & Luke wedding-38Carli & Luke wedding-41 Carli & Luke wedding-44Carli & Luke wedding-48 Carli & Luke wedding-56 Carli & Luke wedding-39 Carli & Luke wedding-49 Carli & Luke wedding-51 Carli & Luke wedding-53 Carli & Luke wedding-52 Carli & Luke wedding-55 Carli & Luke wedding-62Carli & Luke wedding-58 Carli & Luke wedding-59Carli & Luke wedding-54 Carli & Luke wedding-63 Carli & Luke wedding-64Carli & Luke wedding-66 Carli & Luke wedding-67 Carli & Luke wedding-70 Carli & Luke wedding-68 Carli & Luke wedding-65 Carli & Luke wedding-69 Carli & Luke wedding-73 Carli & Luke wedding-84Carli & Luke wedding-91 Carli & Luke wedding-94Carli & Luke wedding-45 Carli & Luke wedding-75Carli & Luke wedding-77 Carli & Luke wedding-80 Carli & Luke wedding-81 Carli & Luke wedding-83 Carli & Luke wedding-82 Carli & Luke wedding-90 Carli & Luke wedding-85 Carli & Luke wedding-87 Carli & Luke wedding-89

And here’s a slideshow to show some more of the love and laughter from their day:

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